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This demo is absolutely incredible! The art is so evocative, I love the colours and the composition of each screen. And the setting is really unusual too, it really makes you want to learn more about what has happened. I'm looking forward to the rest of game, in whichever form it may come!


I downloaded this demo right when it first came out. I've played a lot of cyberpunk games since, but this demo was for me really a defining experience. The art, the dialogue, the actual's inspired me to try my own hand at pixel art and provides the visual language for cyberpunk books that I continue to read. Setting it outside of the typical East Asian megacity feels like an amazing touch. I'm really happy to see that this project is still continuing!

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is sincerely one of the most kind and encouraging things anyone's ever told me and gives me the motivation to keep moving ahead. 


I love this, but the project seems to be dead and no updates for, like, a year. Is this still happening?

It is! It's grown a bit in scope. I update regularly on Twitter:


I loved the demo! I downloaded it on a whim and im am so impressed! Please keep working on this!


Found it interesting how you depicted the guy into the fighting game in the shop. I played a lot of Tekken 3 in my day (considered one of the best, most ground-breaking fighting games of all time). You can delve deep into it and it can be fascinating, but in the end it's just a bubble. There's a whole world out there...

This came to mind again.


just gonna put this here ;)


lol heckyeah


This demo is effing wonderful can't wait for it! hope there are no hiccups w green light going away?

Hey thanks! Yeah, I hope there are no problems with the Steam release, but either way I'll be distributing it on as well, and encouraging folks to buy it from here. 


This is awesome :) The music, animations and colours all give a really cool mood. Felt perfect when playing in the dark late at night. Looking forward to the full game!

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.


Just started to scratch the surface of this awesome text based adventure!


Really enjoyed the demo! Some good art and some GREAT bold colour choices. Each bit of text was interesting enough in itself that it made me want to read more! I really like (and most importantly am interested) the world. I said a little "ooo" out loud to nobody when I saw a giant robot head in the distance on one of the screens.

The music was also very calming and moody which is good for reading but I do hope there's a lot more musical variation in the final release. I also hope a mobile version of this eventually gets released because its definitely my preferred format for menu based adventure games like this. Although you have 'minigames' listed as a future feature so I guess it could also depend on whether they would translate to tablet.

I'm hyped and am now following on tumblr.

PS. When leaving the video shop it says "go outise" instead of go outside

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Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! There will definitely be more musical variation, and audio variation in general (sound effects, etc), in the final release.

I've been experimenting with mobile support. I'm encountering a few issues that I plan on addressing in time for the final release. As far as larger tablets, I haven't tested, but the browser version may behave well?

Good catch on that typo (another thing I'd like for the final release: a copy editor).

Again, thank you for your helpful feedback. I'll be considering it as I move forward!


wow man this look awesome


Please can we have a Linux version too? Pretty please?


For sure! Gonna set up a Linux box to test the build, but in the meantime, have you tried running it in your browser?:

It was not me

I did not do that