Norco update: a more open world, a new navigation system, and more.

I've been spending the past few months tearing down and rebuilding many pieces of Norco's game engine. Here are a few new features...

Seamless Navigation in an Open World

The demo featured very limited navigation, which was done textually through the "MOVE" choice or via the world map. While the new UI retains the world map, environments are now seamlessly connected and can be navigated using a "navigation panel" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

New Orleans Timeline

The game is now split into two separate timelines: one that unfolds in Norco, Louisiana and the surrounding River Parish region, and another that moves the player through New Orleans and its outlying suburbs.

Combat System

The game now features a rudimentary combat system that hinges on the player's response time and ability to quickly match patterns. There is no death; a loss simply means the player must devise another solution.

Dev Tools

On the development side of things, I recently created a small React component library that speeds up testing and prototyping. These "dev tools" can be toggled on and off and sit on top of the game canvas. They parse each game "room" and dialogue tree for state variables which can themselves be toggled in order to quickly change the game state and affect the outcome of a choice or action.

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Good to hear it's coming along. Still looking forward to this! 👍